Patient Woman Smiling beside a Woman Doctor — Surgical Procedure in Monterey,CA

It is amazing how the female anatomy changes during pregnancy to support the life developing inside, and every mother-to-be desires a safe, healthy gestation. However, sometimes complications can occur that jeopardize the successful completion of a full-term delivery. Thankfully, medical advancements and knowledge can increase the success rates of pregnancies.

The office of James E. Ramseur, Jr. MD provides a specialized procedure called cervical cerclage to aid in carrying the pregnancy to full term. A cerclage or stitch is used when a cervix is found to be insufficient or unable to support carrying through to full term either by shortening or opening too early in the cycle. This would cause a preterm birth or could cause a late-term miscarriage.

To increase the chances of healthy development and successful delivery, cerclage of the cervix stitches closed the cervix. Then, around week 37 or at the onset of preterm labor, the cerclage is removed in either our office or at the hospital, depending on the severity of the case.

Trust Dr. Ramseur to discuss thoroughly all aspects of the treatment so that you will be fully informed at every step along the way. Call our office to set up an appointment today.