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It is normal to feel excited about welcoming a baby into the world, but it can also be a scary time as well. Childbirth classes can help provide education and training so that expectant parents can feel less overwhelmed and more prepared with what is about to happen. Here are four reasons why parents who are expecting should attend prenatal classes.

The Basics of Labor and Delivery

Childbirth classes help explain what will happen physically during labor and delivery. From the stages of labor to the delivery of the placenta, every expectant parent needs to know this information in order to better understand the entire process.

Possible Complications

Being prepared is important, which is why childbirth classes typically cover the possible complications that can occur during labor and delivery. That way if there are complications, parents won’t have to learn about it during that stressful moment.

Dealing With Pain

Helping patients learn ways to cope with pain is a big part of childbirth classes. Instructors explain many different pain management techniques as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

Partner Support

Childbirth classes can be especially beneficial for partners of expecting mothers. They can learn just what is happening to the mother’s body, what to expect in the future and how they can best offer support throughout the pregnancy all the way through to labor and delivery.
Attending prenatal classes can help prospective parents better prepare for the new addition that will soon be coming into their life. To learn more about why it is important to attend prenatal classes, call the office of James E. Ramseur, Jr. M.D. at 831-649-1144.